Megan Ingber

Guided by a sense of justice, integrity, and beauty, Megan has been co-creating community spaces for the past several years all across the globe. As a nomadic creator, she lives with an undeniable thirst and enthusiasm for life that she deeply enjoys sharing with all who cross paths with her – especially on the dance floor. This year she is co-creating and leading Our Community Qwitchen: A Queer Witch Kitchen at this year’s Permaculture Convergence. As an educational community kitchen, we weave together food as medicine, holistic herbalism, and queer magic. We explore the ways we relate with food – through our bodies, our relationships, our communities, the land, and our ancestors. What does it mean to eat healthfully? How are my identity and what I eat related? These questions and more will be explored in this space. AND we’ll be cooking delicious community meals together, donations welcome. Check the board that will be posted in front of the space to see our daily gatherings and offerings!

We remember what abundance feels like when we come together, share, and make offerings. We are enough and we have enough! Do you have an abundance of fruits on your tree? Veggies growing in your garden? A recipe you’d like to share? Our Community Qwitchen is officially welcoming any and all collaborations as well as donations of food, spices, pantry items, seeds, and whatever is in your heart.

May we continue to weave this sacred story, celebrating ecological resilience and regeneration, elevating the voices of marginalized communities, for the liberation of all. In respect and reverence for our mother and all of our relations.

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