Livi Joy

Livi Joy is a polymath change agent and systems design geek who's been fascinated by the potentials of digital technology to uplift humanity since the Commodore 64. Having learned how to create websites before there were pictures on the internet, Livi found a special kind of joy playing sherpa to early adopter non-profit orgs during the dawn of web 1.0. She found her way to permaculture via the Humanure Handbook and the renewable energy certificate programs at Solar Energy International, where she worked off her tuition helping them launch their first online renewable energy courses. At some point her drive to find trim tabs led her to the fields of finance and economics. The year after she completed her PDC, she was hired by the Public Banking Institute, and began presenting on economics through the lens of permaculture. Livi's interest in nascent technology was re-ignited by the decentralized technologies movements. She has reconnected with the joy of playing sherpa to a whole new iteration of early adopters as an independent consultant for several projects involving cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and/or other decentralized cryptographically secure applications/platforms/protocols.

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