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Bloom (Robin Liepman) (California/Costa Rica)

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Co-Host | Co-Organizer
Robin Liepman, also known as Bloom, alchemizes a unique blend of singer-songwriter electronic fusion, with guitar in hand, microphone at mouth, loop pedal at foot, and downtempo beats and electronic elements emanating to a dancing crowd of soul-family. Bloom weaves a tapestry of medicine music that forms a holistic and wholesome blend of soulful sonic serenades, rainbow/medicine songs, and Earth Activist lyrics. All of his songs are original and have channeled through him during significant experiences in nature, sacred ceremonies, and divine moments of clarity. Many of Bloom's songs are interactive and often catalyze group singing and dancing.

Bloom is also an event organizer who founded and co-leads the Solar Sound Men's Electronic Music production retreat, that partners with the Shakti Sound Women's Electronic Music production retreat. He also organizes the Awakening Earth songwriters retreat.

Bloom is also a Permaculture teacher and designer, and is helping to organize a Permaculture Design Course set for Spring of 2021.

Bloom is a world traveler and a networker, and has been pollinating a regenerative paradigm around the planet ever since he graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2012.

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